New in the H range of lightweight brushcutters: the Efco DSH 2500 S and Oleo-Mac BCH 250 S models

Ideal for lawn tidying and edge trimming jobs on small and flat areas, the Efco DSH 2500 S and Oleo-Mac BCH 250 S models are the new lightweight brushcutters in Emak's H range.

Equipped with a 25 cm³​ displacement, they are the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an economical machine without sacrificing reliability and high performance.

The new brushcutters ensure a constant level of efficiency over time, even in tough operating conditions, thanks to solutions such as the piston with 2 elastic rings, forged and machined steel shaft and connecting rod, needle bearings and nickel-plated cylinder.

Comfortable operation is assured by the anti-vibration system (with first-rate components), the primer device, which facilitate starting from cold after refuelling and following long idle periods, and by the electronically controlled digital coil, which facilitates starting while also improving engine performance. To reduce kickback during ignition, the EasyOn system is also included for even smoother starting.

The rigid drive shaft, 8 mm in diameter, is supported by 6 self-lubricating bushings to provide maximum reliability, mechanical strength and long-term durability.

The new brushcutters are available on the respective websites and