New Efco MTH 5100 and Oleo-Mac GSH 510 chainsaws: powerful, reliable and easy to use

Designed for home gardening and agricultural jobs, the new Efco MTH 5100 and Oleo-Mac GSH 510 chainsaws are distinguished by their reliability and value for money

The high power output and optimal torque, even at low revs, ensure cutting efficiency even in challenging conditions. The rapid acceleration delivers an immediate response when needed. Low operating temperatures ensure better user comfort and greater safety, as well as reduced engine wear. The anti-vibration system and steady air-fuel ratio also help to make the chainsaw smoother and more comfortable to use.

The Efco MTH 5100 and Oleo-Mac GSH 510 models are equipped with an Easy Start device to facilitate engine starting in all conditions. They are also notable for their low fuel consumption and, consequently, reduced operating costs.

The MTH 5100 and GSH 510 chainsaws are available on the respective websites and