Emak presents the new H series brushcutters: BCH 400 and DSH 4000

The new Oleo-Mac BCH 400 and Efco DSH 4000 brushcutters are equipped with a catalytic converter system for emission control and feature technical solutions that deliver superior performance. Suitable for demanding jobs over medium-sized areas, they are available in 3 versions, with single handgrip (S), handlebar (T) and backpack (BP).

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 10 March 2021Emak, one of the leading names associated with the care and maintenance of parks, gardens and green spaces, presents the Oleo-Mac BCH 400 and Efco DSH 4000 models, which further expand the line-up of H series brushcutters designed for household and small-scale agricultural jobs.

Unlike the BCH 250 and DSH 2500 brushcutters—compact and lightweight machines ideal for tidying small lawns and finishing edges—the two new models with 40 cc displacement are powerful and high-performance tools suitable for more demanding jobs on medium-sized plots.

They are available in 3 versions—with single handgrip (S), handlebar (T) or backpack (BP)—and are equipped with a catalytic converter system for emission control, to meet the Euro 5 standard.

The Oleo-Mac BCH 400 and Efco DSH 4000 models feature technical solutions that are also adopted in the professional models, such as a three-piece crankshaft, piston with 2 elastic segments, steel drive shaft mounted on bushings and an anti-vibration system to ensure comfortable use.

The cutting assembly is the new Tap&Go EVO head, an advanced version of the tried-and-tested Tap&Go head, with 2.4 mm line and a feed system that works without having to stop the machine, simply by tapping the central cover on the ground.

A three-tooth blade (Ø 255 mm) is also supplied on the T and BP versions.