New Efco DS 3000 D and Oleo-Mac BC 300 D multifunction brushcutters: versatile machines for all seasons

Emak, a leading European name in the manufacture and sale of machines for gardening and forestry work, now expands its offering of multifunction machines with the addition of the new Efco DS 3000 D and Oleo-Mac BC 300 D models.

The DS 3000 D and BC 300 D multifunction brushcutters incorporate the technology typical of professional machines while being designed to meet the needs both of home users, for gardening and leisure pursuits, and of greenery maintenance professionals, entrusted with the care of public parks and spaces, as well as residences and resorts.

These are extremely versatile machines: in no time at all, they can be prepared for use as brushcutter or hedgetrimmer, pruner or blower. The power units, compact and lightweight, are equipped with a “no tools” locking system, for coupling the various attachments, a feature recommending these machines as the practical choice for a range of jobs whatever the season. Thanks to these structural features, the operator benefits from simplified maintenance and refuelling, and less space is needed to transport the equipment.

Each of the 4 applications is managed separately, and the relative attachment can be purchased at any time after the power unit. There is also a shaft extension available for accessing tall hedges and high branches, which means no need for ladders or overhead platforms.

Efco and Oleo-Mac multifunction brushcutters feature an ergonomic design applied even to the smallest details: the compact dimensions of the engine and the balanced weight of the machine combine to ensure effortless handling and control under all operating conditions and in any application.

The compact power unit, which features an ecologically leading-edge 2-stroke 30 cm³ engine rated 1.5 HP, offers high performance and dependable operation, building on the reputation of the existing 21.7 cm³ unit. The digital coil with electronic control and rpm limiter ensures easier starting, while guaranteeing uniform combustion and reduced fuel consumption.

The innovative Load&Go head makes reloading extremely quick and simple, and a shaft fitted with self-lubricating anti-vibration bearings ensures smooth and supple movement, affording the operator maximum possible comfort wherever and however the machine is being used. The clutch housing and cover are made of aluminium, combining strength with lightweight construction and guaranteeing long term reliability. With the “Easy on” quick starting aid, less effort is required per single pull, whilst the on/off switch has an “Always-on” mechanism that returns it automatically to the start position every time the machine is turned off.

Efco DS 3000 D and Oleo-Mac BC 300 D Multifunction Brushcutters