Emak launches the new Efco AT 900 and Oleo-Mac MB 90 mistblowers

Emak, European leader in the production and sale of machines for gardening and the forestry sector, presents the new Efco AT 900 and Oleo-Mac MB 90 mistblowers.

The new AT 900 and MB 90 mistblowers are designed to provide operators with the maximum comfort, long working times and best-in-class performance.

Thanks to the design solutions adopted on these models the controls are readily accessible. Also, the handgrip can be adjusted to suit the type of crop, also with a forward angle to allow the optimal wrist position during treatments requiring the blower tube to be held in a vertical position.

The backpack is designed to reduce weight and machine oscillation whileminimising the level of vibration transmitted to the operator. The shoulder straps fastening on the tank makes it possible to lower the mistblower's centre of mass, thus minimising oscillation during movements.

There are 9 alternative jet settings for more precise liquid delivery in accordance with the treatment type and vegetation characteristics. The AT 900 and MB 90 mistblowers are equipped with a generous 17 litre tank to ensure long working times before refilling.

The long throw (up to 18 metres horizontal and 16 metres vertical) makes it possible to reach even the most inaccessible vegetation, while the elevated atomisation capacity allows optimal coverage and low consumption of treatment liquids and fertilizers because the droplets are reduced to 100-150 micron in size. Moreover, the high air flow rate (more than 1,600 m3/h) guarantees even treatment liquid distribution thanks to the uniform droplet size. In addition, the liquid flow is automatically regulated in accordance with engine rpm to allow most targeted treatment possible.

These models are exceptionally rugged and reliable, thanks to the 2-stroke 5 HP engine with recoil starting and the anodised aluminium frame, which is lighter and more rust resistant. Finally, all screws on the machine share the same type of head so servicing tasks can be carried out using a single wrench.

There are numerous accessories available for the AT 900 and MB 90 mistblowers, namely the booster pump that constantly mixes the liquid solution in the tank, available also in the ‘boost and fill’ version (so the machine can be filled without removing the backpack), the diffusers kit, the dusters kit for powder and granular products and the ULV system, for more uniform product distribution in treatments requiring low liquid volumes.

Efco AT 900 and Oleo-Mac MB 90 blowers