Emak launches the new Efco SA 9000 and Oleo-Mac BV 900 blowers

Emak, leading European maker and distributor of power tools for the gardening and forestry sector, presents the new Efco SA 9000 and Oleo-Mac BV 900 blowers.

The new SA 9000 and BV 900 blowers are designed to offer operators maximum comfort and optimum performance. Ideally suited to different tasks in a variety of situations, they are equally effective for urban cleaning services, and for agricultural work such as harvesting, where they can help with the collection of olives, fruit and other crops falling to the ground.

Emak blowers feature an ergonomic design, with care given to the smallest details: the backpack is designed to minimize the weight of the machine and its pulsation when in use, ensuring that the operator feels as little vibration as possible. In addition, the controls are readily accessible and the handle is easily adjusted to suit the height and build of the operator.

Efco SA 9000 and Oleo-Mac BV 900 blowers are powered by a 2-stroke engine rated 5 HP with automatic recoil pull starter. The high performance delivered in terms of air flow (27 m³/min) and air speed (105 m/sec) will ensure swift and efficient cleaning and collecting operations, whatever the ground conditions. A frame made of anodized aluminium, lightweight and unaffected by rust, is able to guarantee optimum durability over time. The engine speed is adjustable to meet every need, by way of the fixed throttle lever. A generously sized paper air-cleaner element guarantees high capacity and long life in any environment, even heavily dust-laden. 

The two air delivery nozzles supplied as standard, one of rectangular section and one round, are designed with a convex support so that the machine can be set down without difficulty on level ground, helping to reduce operator fatigue. Finally, all screws on the machine have the same type of head, so that all servicing operations can be carried out using a single tool.

Efco SA 9000 and Oleo-Mac BV 900 blowers