New battery-powered Brushcutters and Hedgetrimmers by Efco and Oleo-Mac

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), February 20, 2019The new battery-powered machines by Efco and Oleo-Mac, designed and made in Italy, deliver class-leading power and performance, on a par with equivalent petrol-driven tools for home use. They represent the next step in DIY products for home gardening, without neglecting comfort and ease of use. Switching to Efco and Oleo-Mac battery-powered products removes the hassle of preparing the oil/fuel mixture, making sure it doesn’t deteriorate, and dealing with oil and fuel spills. The battery used is a high-tech device able to undergo a huge number of charging cycles equivalent to many years of use, whether fully or partially charged.

The Efco TGi 45 and Oleo-Mac HCi 45 hedgetrimmers and the Efco DSi 30 and Oleo-Mac BCi 30 brushcutters are the perfect tools for taking care of the greenery around your home and invaluable gardening tools; they also feature a unique and attractive design for this type of gardening tool. The TGi 45 and HCi 45 hedgetrimmers are equipped with high-quality laser-treated blades for precision cutting without damaging greenery. The batteries provide up to 2 hours of continuous operation so the job can be completed on a single charge, while also avoiding the production of exhaust gas. The DSi 30 and BCi 30 brushcutters with a 30 cm cutting diameter and a 2 mm diameter “Pro-Silent” low-noise line, combine the lightness and ease of battery operation with the comfort of the Load&Go head, which is easy to load without the need for tools.

In addition to their ease of use, the Efco and Oleo-Mac battery-powered tools deliver the all-important guarantee of respect for the environment, thanks to the absence of combustible fuel and the elimination of noise pollution. The Efco and Oleo-Mac products, developed to always deliver top performance, ensure the machines provide full power (constant voltage) until the charge is exhausted, and they feature an exposed-battery design, which is compact and ergonomic for more comfortable use of the tool. The battery is also completely interchangeable, functioning like an energy store that's always ready for use with any application in the range.