The latest Emak releases: new Efco and Oleo-Mac branded chainsaws, plus the two-stroke engine awarded at Eima 2018

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 6 February 2019 – Emak, a promise of quality, innovation and globality in the world of the outdoors, presents its new chainsaws: the Oleo-Mac GS 371, GS 411 and GS 451, and the Efco MT 3710, MT 4110 and MT 4510 models. The innovative 43 cc two-stroke engine was awarded at Eima, securing the blue award in the 2018 Technical Innovation Contest: The exhaust gas recirculation system recirculates uncombusted gases, allowing emissions to be reduced without relying entirely on after-treatment systems.

Thanks to investments in research and development, the company responds to the needs of customers by designing and offering the best solutions, proposing machines that have always combined high performance with modern and innovative designs.

Pruning, felling, limbing and DIY: there’s a chainsaw to meet the needs of every task, whether in the garden or in the woods. Efco and Oleo-Mac branded chainsaws have been developed for a wide range of users and stand out for their compactness, versatility and good power-to-weight ratio, ensuring a clear and precise cut for any type of use thanks to the high-quality guide bars and chains. All the models share quality, ease of use and maintenance, and reliable top performance.

The Efco and Oleo-Mac chainsaws are equipped with the EasyOn system that allows for simple, effortless starting with fewer pulls, even at very low temperatures thanks to the primer. Furthermore, to facilitate refuelling by the user, the fuel tank has an externally visible level indicator. These are just some of the technical solutions adopted to ensure comfort and safety.

The  Oleo-Mac GS 371, GS 411 and GS 451, and Efco MT 3710, MT 4110 and MT 4510 models are available on the respective and websites.