Emak presents the new battery-powered blowers from Efco and Oleo-Mac

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 29 March 2019 – Emak, a leading European brand in the production and marketing of machinery for gardening and forestry, presents the Efco SAi 60 and Oleo-Mac BVi 60 blowers, the latest products in the range of tools for garden maintenance. Battery operated with the right level of power for working at various levels and with air speed control, the SAi 60 and BVi 60 blowers are the ideal tools for tidying flowerbeds, paths and other small areas outside the home.

The models SAi 60 and BVi 60 are equipped with brushless motors which, together with the powerful 2.5 and 5 Ah batteries that are fully interchangeable and can be used on all of the tools in the range, combine high-level performance with quiet operation that is among the best in their class.

Reliable, easy to use and extremely quiet, the battery-powered machines by Efco and Oleo-Mac, designed and made in Italy, deliver class-leading power and performance, on a par with equivalent petrol-driven tools for home use.

Capable of minimising noise and environmental emissions, they are ideal for working in urban environments and near other homes at any hour of the day. Furthermore, the absence of a power cord, often a hindrance when working, makes battery-powered tools particularly useful as they can be used at much greater distances from the home, transforming garden maintenance into a pleasant and relaxing experience.

As well as ease of use, Efco and Oleo-Mac products feature constant voltage technology, which means that the same level of performance is maintained throughout the entire battery life. Constant voltage is a premium technical feature, ideal for users who refuse any compromise when it comes to the use of their machine.

The new range of blowers, which can be purchased complete with battery and battery charger, is available through the e-commerce channels www.efco.it and www.oleomac.it.