Emak launches its new H series pruning chainsaws with carving bar

The company presents its new Oleo-Mac GSTH 240 and Efco MTTH 2400 chainsaws equipped with carving tip guide bar: the perfect solution for home users who are looking for a robust and reliable tool for pruning-related tasks. The special guide bar with tapered tip minimises the risk of kickback and enables bore cutting in high-precision jobs.

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 29 November 2023 – Easy to handle, compact and robust, the new H series pruning chainsaws, Oleo-Mac GSTH 240 and Efco MTTH 2400, are equipped with a carving tip guide bar for greater cutting precision.

The special 1/4" x .043" guide bar with tapered tip minimises the risk of kickback and enables bore cutting in delicate tasks: it is therefore perfect for pruning plants, especially fruit trees and olive trees, tree surgery and chainsaw carving. Its precision, easy handling and safety make it the ideal tool for sculpting details and creating unique works of art out of wood.

Thanks to the stable fuel-air mixing, all cutting operations can be carried out even in unconventional positions (machine inclined or turned upside down).

Among the solutions adopted by Emak to improve work productivity and reduce operator fatigue, EasyOn facilitates starting with no kickback and limits the number of pulls required. The side chain tensioner allows swift and practical adjustment of chain tension in any operating condition, to keep up with every challenge.

The on/off switch with AlwaysOn makes the tool quicker to switch off and restart, because the engine is always ready to resume operation.

Superior comfort is guaranteed by the anti-vibration system with three shock-absorbing rubber dampers, which effectively helps to isolate the operator from vibration, reducing stress on the muscles even when using the chainsaw for long hours at a stretch.

The aluminium oil pump, adjustable down to zero flow when idling, enables the flow of lubricant to suit the operating conditions (consistency of wood, weather, oil type), ensuring lower consumption and better protection of the environment.