Emak expands its outdoor range: with the new line of generators, power is always at hand

From the smallest and most compact units to machines that ensure high performance and long life, the new range of Efco and Oleo-Mac branded power generators is designed to meet professional, household or leisure needs.

Perfect for both the home and outdoors, they are versatile and easily transportable devices, capable of providing electricity in situations where mains power is unavailable or interrupted.

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 11 October 2023 – Work uninterrupted and without access to the mains network for the whole day: Emak meets the needs of gardening and groundcare professional with its new range of Efco and Oleo-Mac branded power generators. From the smallest and most compact units to machines that ensure high performance and long life, these generators provide an effective alternative to mains electricity, benefiting tradespeople who work outdoors and need power outlets in the vicinity of their activities. But power generators are not just for professional use: they are also perfect for residential users, and for anyone who wants to protect their home, family and household activities from power outages. They are even indispensable aids for leisure and DIY, handy for camping, boat trips, activities in the garden or countryside, and for practicing hobbies wherever a standalone power option is needed.

Emak offers a wide range of generators for different uses. The choice of models ranges from open frame generators, available with power ratings up to 6 kW, to silenced inverter generators, which can supply an extremely stable and constant power flow.

The PGE 35 DCS model supports loads up to 2.8 kW: it is ideal for domestic use or leisure and gardening activities, with a run time of up to 15 hours.

It is equipped with a dual 220 V AC outlet and one 12 V DC outlet. The fuel level indicator instantly shows the petrol level in the tank. The sturdy steel frame ensures maximum strength and protection when on the move. The engine is positioned on rubber anti-vibration mounts to minimise vibrations during operation.

The PGE 65 DCE and PGE 65E DCS models are designed for more intensive use, supporting loads above 5 kW. These models are equipped with three 220 V AC outlets and one 12 V DC outlet. They have 25 L fuel tanks to cope with continuous use for up to 8 hours. Model PGE 80-E DCS can also supply three-phase current at 400 V, making it suitable for industrial or manual trade applications that require high power, such as powering machine tools, logsplitters or welding machines. All three models incorporate Emak OHV engines, which offer reduced petrol consumption and long run times, and are equipped with sturdy wheels that make them easy to transport.

Inverter technology makes the PGE 23i S and PGE 48i S  models (equipped with USB socket) particularly suitable for use with sensitive microprocessor-based electronic equipment such as computers, televisions and digital devices, which require a stable and high-quality power supply. The soundproofed structure considerably reduces noise emissions, making them ideal for use on campsites and in open areas near to people.