Emak, two new Italian made tools for Nibbi and Bertolini: rotary cultivator and cutterbar mower for non-professional use

Emak, European leader in the production and sale of power tools for the gardening and forestry sector, presents several 100% Italian-made machines: the 400 and 400 R (reversible) rotary cultivator and the 110 cutterbar mower for home use, branded Bertolini, and the corresponding BRIK and BRIK R (reversible) rotary cultivators and FC 110 cutterbar mower by Nibbi.

The Bertolini 400 and Nibbi BRIK rotary cultivators are the perfect machines for home users with a moderately sized allotment or garden requiring periodic soil maintenance in preparation for sowing, even in particularly adverse conditions.

The 50 cm rotor turns in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the wheels, thus giving the operator the maximum control of the cultivator and significantly reducing transmitted vibration levels.

The machine is designed to ensure high level operator comfort: the handlebars are vertically adjustable to adapt to the user's posture and the on/off control is built into the hand grip together with the throttle lever.

Prearranged to mount a central cutterbar with special teeth (92 cm), the new Bertolini 110 cutterbar mower and the new Nibbi FC 110 cutterbar mower are lightweight and manoeuvrable, designed for cutting grass, fodder crops and for clearing duties outside the garden.

The height adjustable handlebars, QuickFit coupling, aluminium oil bath gearbox and the ergonomic design of the controls all confirm the high level of attention devoted to the operator in the design stage.

Technical details 400 rotary cultivator and 110 cutterbar mower

Technical details BRIK rotary cultivator and FC 110 cutterbar mower