Emak launches the revolutionary Speed&Go facilitated line filling system for brushcutter line heads

Emak (www.emak.it), a leading European name in the production and marketing of machines for gardening and for the forestry sector, presents Speed&Go, the new facilitated line filling system for brushcutter line heads.

Simple, practical and versatile: the innovative filling system marketed under the Efco and Oleo-Mac brands, which includes a head and a disc of nylon line, allowing replacement of the depleted line in 10 seconds and with just 3 movements.

The refill is accomplished with a disc of new line, pre-wound and ready for use: open the head, insert the disc and close the head again to resume work. And no need for any tools whatever.

The “tap&go” system allows adjustment of the line length, which facilitates cutting operations during use, and thanks to the fastening system with special adapters, the head can be fitted to all brushcutters available on the market, always guaranteeing better fixing and reduced vibrations.  

The head, measuring 130 mm in diameter, features an ergonomically shaped knob with a low profile and a body moulded from glass fibre reinforced copolymer, guaranteeing maximum resistance to impact and wear, even under the toughest operating conditions.

The exclusive geometry of the line, with its perfect combination of round/square section, ensures a powerful cutting action, lower levels of vibration and extended durability, thanks to the special blend of plastic components employed, and the patent manufacturing process.


The innovative disk type refilling system is available in 2 sizes:

Ø 2.4 mm / .095”
(7 m refill / 275”)

Ø 3,0 mm / .118”
(5.5 m refill / 216”)

Efco Speed&Go and Oleo-Mac Speed&Go technical sheet