Emak sponsors the exhibition “Kandinsky - Cage: Music and Spiritual in Art”

The Emak Group, a leading European name in the production and marketing of machines for gardening and forestry, has elected to support one of the most important cultural events held in the province: the exhibition “Kandinsky - Cage: Music and Spiritual in Art” curated by Martina Mazzotta, staged at Palazzo Magnani (Reggio Emilia) from 11 November 2017 to 25 February 2018.

The spiritual abstractism of Wassily Kandinsky encounters the enlightened silence of John Cage to create an intriguing mix in which the works of these two figures, one the absolute father of modern abstractism, the other an ingenious musician and composer, are presented in the context of others by leading names in the world of art — Fausto Melotti, Max Klinger, Paul Klee, Giulio Turcato and Marianne Werefkin — and music, namely Bach, Schönberg and Wagner. A journey allowing visitors to admire visual masterpieces while thrilling to the sound of music: the sound of the bells installed along the path will envelop the senses, enabling those who take the tour to experience a true synaesthetic experience and gain an insight into the world of abstract art.

“It is with great pleasure that we support art events of real value, like the exhibition at Palazzo Magnani; they lend prestige to Reggio Emilia as a whole, a city with which we are so closely associated,” explains Fausto Bellamico, President of Emak. “At Emak we have always been there for the institutions and the local community, supporting initiatives that help to develop and improve things on every level. We could not have failed to contribute to an event of this importance, which displays the essence of art in all its forms, from painting to music."