Emak renews A.C. Reggiana 1919 sponsorship for 2017/18 season

It is the sharing of common values that underpins the involvement of Emak in the 'maroons' sponsorship pool. Emak has always backed the world of sport at local level, applying commitment, dedication and team spirit in matters of everyday reality with the goal of achieving the best possible results.

“Once again this year we are eager to pledge our support to Reggiana,” says Fausto Bellamico, President of Emak, “and to the plans set out by President Mike Piazza, especially as regards making the most of the young talent here in Reggio. We at Emak also seek to foster the ability and growth of our people, putting into practice the idea of a business as a well-drilled team: performing as a unit to achieve our stated goals, maximizing the development of individual aptitudes."

“We have great confidence in the ability and determination of Mike and his team, and we are sure the boys will reward us with plenty of excitement during this season.” Bellamico concludes by saying “We wish the team and the staff the very best of luck for the championship now under way.”

“It was my pleasure last year to make the acquaintance of the Emak company, its leaders and co-workers,” said President Mike Piazza soon after celebrating the renewal of the agreement. “They have been a great help to my club, not least by organizing special days at the stadium, and I can well understand why Reggio Emilia is proud to have such an important Group among its assets and resources of excellence.

I often see our friend Bellamico there, suffering in the stands, just like all his youngsters who come to the stadium and cheer on the team, and I have promised him I will do everything in my power to make him proud of Reggiana — there can be no more fitting reward for those who continue to give us their help. I still remember the Emak Day organized at the stadium last year. Unfortunately I was in Miami and unable to attend in person, but I saw the pictures, all those families at the ground, with the children enjoying themselves. It was truly heartwarming. We must make sure this involvement generates real momentum, because together we can then hope to achieve those goals we all believe are within reach."