Emak presents the new Efco, Oleo-Mac, Bertolini and Nibbi professional flail mowers

Bagnolo (Reggio Emilia), 23 May 2024 – The four Emak brands are releasing a new product: flail mowers with a cutting width of 100 cm designed for use by professionals in the agricultural and landscape gardening sectors. Also available in the version with tracked drive system, they are machines specifically developed for the most heavy-duty applications that push conventional lawnmowers, wheeled brushcutters and cutterbar mowers to the limit, making it easier to maintain and clear uncultivated areas and scrubland, roadside verges, sloping terrain, brambles and undergrowth.

The professional cutting unit with 58 Y-shaped flail blades offers exceptional cutting quality, allowing for drastic interventions on grass, shoots, twigs and low vegetation, scrub and stubble.
The cutting unit rotor is supported by reinforced bearings and shields: this solution makes the entire machine perfectly balanced and resistant to accidental knocks. The rotor coupling is equipped with a safety system for maximum operator protection. The cutting height is easily adjustable (from 20 mm to 80 mm) using the worm screw lever.

Various types of engines are available that guarantee lasting performance in various fields of use. The high-inclination Honda GX 390 ALPIN engine model makes it possible to work on slopes, providing undiminished power and lubrication.

The flail mowers incorporate numerous technical solutions to facilitate the work of professionals, such as independent steering clutches with wheel lock on the driving wheels, which make the machine extremely easy to manoeuvre. The lockable pivoting front wheels, which can be locked using the control lever on the handlebar, enable the desired cut line to be maintained even on irregular surfaces.

The reinforced gearbox with 4-speed mechanical transmission (3+1R) consisting of an oil-bath gearbox is simple to engage from the handlebar using the practical lever. The handlebar is adjustable through 4 height settings and 5 width settings by means of an ergonomic lever (located on the side of the right handlebar) to ensure maximum adaptability to the operator’s needs.

In addition to the flail mower version with large tyred wheels (18/9.50-8”), there is also a model with vertically oscillating track drive system. The tracks distribute the weight of the machine evenly over the surface of the terrain, reducing the risk of damaging more sensitive surfaces, such as agricultural land. The tracked drive can overcome obstacles even in situations where the terrain is very uneven, muddy or slippery, providing greater stability and reducing the risk of tipping over on sloping ground.

Available as an option, the metal wheels improve traction for negotiating trickier or more uneven terrain, while the front ballast ensures greater stability to safely deal with various types of vegetation, even in inaccessible areas.