Emak celebrates 50 years of Oleo-Mac: a promise of trust for the future

Technology, virtual design and digitisation: this is Oleo-Mac today, the result of 50 years of investments, passion and customer proximity. In 2022 Emak is celebrating the brand's anniversary with a major 360° communications campaign, including a series of special initiatives devised for retailers and customers, plus the launch of a limited-edition series featuring the brand's flagship machines — chainsaws, lawnmowers and brushcutters.


Bagnolo in Piano (RE), January 24, 2022 Oleo-Mac is celebrating its 50th anniversary: the history, experience and tradition that have shaped the brand's identity and made it famous throughout the world are the same values that lay the foundations for the future. "When the foundations are solid and well rooted, the goals that await us in the future—digitisation, innovation, social responsibility—are easier to achieve,” said Ariello Bartoli, Oleo-Mac founder and member of the Emak Board of Directors. “That is why our first 50 years are only the first step on a journey that leads even further. Our anniversary is a time to celebrate, but also a great opportunity to renew our commitments and objectives for the future, with the right energy and enthusiasm as always.

The communications campaign celebrating the brand's 50th anniversary begins with the Oleo-Mac of today, the result of 50 years of investments, passion and customer proximity, to confirm its promise of trust for the future. “We have designed a 360° communication campaign, with a video and a website, www.oleomac50.com/en, explained Marketing Director Giovanni Masini. “We wanted the 50th anniversary to be a symbol of continuity with the past, while at the same time looking to the future: the result is a logo that resembles a rising sun, a metaphor for new things to come and a promising tomorrow. With the payoff Trust for the future we choose “trust” as the key element to connect our past, present and future: an assurance that we have built every day through investments, technology and digitisation.

The 50th anniversary is being marked by the launch of a limited-edition series of the brand's most iconic models, which are available for a limited time. The special models sport the new logo superimposed over an exclusive body colour, which is a glossier and brighter version of the traditional colour scheme. The celebratory flagship machines include: the GS 451 50y chainsaw, the G 53 TK ALLROAD PLUS 4 50y lawnmower and the SPARTA 441 S 50y brushcutter. The models have been upgraded to offer customers superior performance and maximum comfort of use: they differ from previous versions due to a series of technical performance enhancements and a restyled look.

Sales outlets will also be participating actively in the campaign: displays stands have been produced for the limited-edition models, in addition to brochures, posters, postcards and a line of clothing and merchandise to celebrate Oleo-Mac's 50th anniversary throughout the year.