Emak and Sabart support Team Robinson Trentino, Italy’s strongest cross-country skiing team, in three long-distance races

The two leaders in the gardening and forestry sectors have chosen to put their names behind Team Robinson Trentino: the Oleo-Mac® (Emak), Oregon®, Vallorbe® and Markusson® (Sabart) brands are supporting the champion cross-country skiing team during the 46th Pustertaler-Ski Marathon, held on the weekend of 8-9 January 2022, the La Venosta time trial at Lake Resia scheduled for 15-16 January (a stage of the Visma Ski Classics international circuit) and the legendary Marcialonga race on 30 January.

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), January 13th – Emak and Sabart, leaders in the groundskeeping and forestry sectors respectively, are continuing their new partnership with Team Robinson Trentino, Italy’s top cross-country skiing team, which participates in the Visma Ski Classics world championship, as well as Italy’s most important ski marathons. It is a team that pursues the goal of sporting excellence with passion, commitment and respect, values that have always underpinned the activities of Emak and Sabart.

The athletes will be supported during races by Emak brand Oleo-Mac®, which is bringing its complete range of chainsaws to the slopes, including machines for occasional to intensive use, as well as professional models. Also on display will be the Sabart line for harvester chainsaws, featuring Oregon® branded cutting accessories and Vallorbe® and Markusson® automatic chain sharpeners for harvester chains.

Three high-profile events provide the perfect stage to showcase this partnership: the first is the 46th Pustertaler-Ski Marathon in the Three Peaks Dolomites region, a fascinating winter race in South Tyrol, where Team Robinson achieved a 1-2-3 podium sweep in the amateur event, while Stefano Dal Magro came first in the 62 km event.

The second is La Venosta, a stage of the Visma Ski Classics international circuit, which will be held on 15-16 January in one of the most iconic landscapes of South Tyrol, where a submerged bell tower emerges from the blue waters of Lake Resia: a place rich in history, legend and natural wonder. 

The four brands will also support Team Robinson Trentino in the 49th edition of Marcialonga, scheduled for 30 January: the Fiemme and Fassa valleys are ready to welcome 7500 cross-country skiers, classic technique specialists, who will compete along two tracks — the traditional 70 km piste that runs from Moena to Cavalese, and the Marcialonga Light, a shorter but no less spectacular route stretching 45 km from Moena to Predazzo. For this event, which for many years has attracted tourists and athletes from all over the world—including great champions of Nordic skiing and hundreds of thousands of amateurs—Emak and Sabart have come up with some special initiatives and entertainment shows for the benefit of race participants and those accompanying them.

On Saturday 29 January at the Palafiemme congress centre in Cavalese, the companies will greet athletes and supporters by handing out cosy neck warmers made of technical material. Barba Brisiu, chainsaw artist and carving performer, will put on an exciting live show in which he will create original wood sculptures with his Oleo-Mac® GST 250 chainsaw with carving bar. In the afternoon, the Sabart stand will welcome the loggers of Timber Team Giacomelli, influencers and stars of the cult Italian reality TV show "Undercut: l’oro di legno", as well as the new Oregon®, Vallorbe® and Markusson® products in the harvester line distributed by Sabart.

Along the routes of all three races, banners and loggers wielding Oleo-Mac® chainsaws with Oregon® bars will be supporting the athletes and cheering their every step.