A history in words and pictures

In the lives of companies, as in those of people, there are moments that mark the transition from one period to another, the closing of an important chapter and the beginning of a new one, in which we take a step into the unknown towards exciting new horizons.

For Emak, 1997 is just such a time. 5 years after the company was formed from the merger of Oleo-Mac and Efco, and 25 years after the founding of Oleo-Mac, Emak has reached an important milestone in its history. [...]

But Emak would not have made it this far without the inspiration of its workforce, without their enterprise, hard work and team spirit - typical Italian values which are especially strong in this region of Emilia.
The purpose of this photographic record is to celebrate all those who work behind the scenes at Emak, to give a face to the voice on the other end of the telephone and to bring the hands that design and build our machines into a human perspective.
With this publication we also wish to create a lasting image of Emak as it is today, so that the company values may never be weakened, but preserved and strenghtened as the foundation for future success.

From the foreword of "NERO SU BIANCO: UNA STORIA" - PICTURES BY G.M. CODAZZI - May 1997