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Emak is about more than just business. The name is a promise of quality, innovation and globality in the world of the outdoors. Our green credentials are reflected in care and respect for the environment — also for work, and for the people who do it. A green awareness that anticipates business trends and raises production standards through the application of leading-edge technologies.

Day after day we examine the needs of our customers, so we can design and offer them the best possible solutions. Chainsaws, rotary tillers, garden tractors, hedgetrimmers... our catalogue offers more than 200 items suitable for a wide range of uses, with various power ratings and different intensities and frequencies of duty.



For twenty-five years now, Emak has been one of the leading names associated with the care and maintenance of parks, gardens and green spaces.
Our brands — Efco, Oleo-Mac, Bertolini and Nibbi — are known and valued by professional and hobby users the world over.


Our numbers speak volumes: with 4 brands and as many production facilities to its name, plus 7 branches and 22 product families, our company is constantly expanding. The quality and excellence in design of our products have won us many international awards, and we are regarded as setting the benchmark for internal combustion engine technology and its applications in our chosen sector.



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All of our machines are the product of innovative technologies, which means minimal noise, easy handling, efficient fuel burn and low environmental impact. Year after year we invest time and resources in research, to ensure you get maximum performance in the smallest possible package. Because our aim is to offer you more every day, and at the same competitive price as ever.



Looking forward to tomorrow does not mean forgetting what was achieved yesterday.
We at Emak are proud of our history, which is why we want to remember the key events and share them with you.
Find out now about all the mergers, acquisitions and goals we have made and achieved over these past twenty five years.

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Emak is member of EGMF

The purpose of EGMF is to represent major garden, landscaping, forestry and turf equipment manufacturers. They work and develop the highest standards of quality, safety, ergonomics, environment-friendliness and energy efficiency. EGMF works proactively on a European level with users, manufacturers, distributors, research institutes and the European institutions on optimal solutions for these sometimes conflicting goals.

The European Lawnmower Manufacturers Federation was created in 1977. Its members were European manufacturers of lawnmowers for domestic, municipal and recreational use, and the national associations representing these manufacturers in France, Germany and the UK. It broadened its scope to cover all lawn and garden equipment and became the EGMF in 1993. Initially, the main aim of the federation was to monitor and influence the production of technical documents on European and international standardisation in the fields of safety, noise, environmental impact and performance. The federation worked in close cooperation with the European Commission on the preparation of directives on the free circulation and use of lawnmowers and garden equipment in the European Union. The EGMF ensures that its views are taken into consideration by international scientific and technical organisations. It has regular contacts with its counterpart in the USA – the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI).
In 1998, with a view to improving its group activities with the European institutions in Brussels and its contacts with decision-makers in the field, the EGMF established its general secretariat with Orgalime, the liaison group of the European mechanical, electrical, electronic and metalworking industries.
Currently, EGMF members comprise 30 European manufacturers and 7 National Associations from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK which represent indirect EGMF members who are mainly SME manufacturers in their country.





Find out about the CO2 emissions of engines manufactured by Emak S.p.A.. The CO2 measurement results from testing over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions of a engine representative of the engine type (engine family).

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Emak S.p.A. undertakes to provide information on substances identified as SVHC (substances of very high concern) included in candidate lists, in accordance with Article 33 of the REACH Regulation. Fo each article that contains substances identified as SVHC, if it is used according to its intended use, no special precautions are required.

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