Two additions to the Emak battery-powered range: a chainsaw and a lawnmower with 37 cm deck

The two new products—a chainsaw and a lawnmower with a 37 cm plastic deck—expand the battery-powered range of the Efco and Oleo-Mac brands, which already includes another four lawnmower models, a hedgetrimmer, a brushcutter and a blower. Now the Emak battery-powered line can better respond to every gardening and landscaping need, while caring for the environment by eliminating fuel and noise pollution.

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 20 October 2021Emak, one of the leading names associated with the care and maintenance of parks, gardens and green spaces, continues to invest in the development of green products and has expanded its battery-powered line—which already includes four lawnmower models, a hedgetrimmer, a brushcutter and a blower—with two new products: a chainsaw, ideal for cutting wood of small to medium diameter, or for small woodworking tasks, and an agile and lightweight lawnmower with plastic deck.

The Oleo-Mac GSi 30 and Efco MTi 30 chainsaw models are designed for demanding home users who want all the benefits of a battery-powered product (quiet operation, no fumes or noise, no need to prepare mixture, simplified starting) with the extra speed and performance typical of an equivalent petrol engine chainsaw. Endowed with an excellent Oregon cutting tool, with a thin and strong chain that easily penetrates wood, the Emak cordless chainsaw is ideal for DIY projects. All with a long battery range that ensures up to 160 cuts per charge.

The no-tool chain adjustment and compact, ergonomic design afford the user easy operation and comfort.

The new Oleo-Mac Gi 40 P and Efco LRi 40 P lawnmowers feature a plastic deck that gives lightness to the machines, which are also equipped with centralised cutting height adjustment controls and high-capacity grass collectors. The brushless motor reduces power consumption, thereby assuring much longer running times on each battery charge. The battery charge level LED is visible while working, providing an immediate indication of when to replace the drained battery.

Interchangeable batteries, available in two capacities, have been developed to deliver constant performance and maximum power until fully discharged. The batteries are also equipped with a CID—current interrupt device—that protects each cell from damage (due to a sudden temperature increase, for example).

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