News from Emak: the Group upgrades its range of professional petrol engine brushcutters

The range of petrol engine brushcutters is enhanced by the addition of new professional models, Oleo-Mac BC 530, BC 550 MASTER, BCF 530 and Efco DS 5300DS 5500 BOSSDSF 5300.

These are machines second to none in their class for performance and reliability, thanks to a new Euro 2 engine delivering high and linear torque that will guarantee phenomenal cutting capability, however long the work may take.

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 25 June 2018 – Emak continues to invest in the brushcutter segment: the new petrol engine models, Oleo-Mac BC 530, BC 550 MASTER, BCF 530 and Efco DS 5300DS 5500 BOSSDSF 5300 offer a guarantee of efficiency and strength for all groundcare professionals used to tackling intensive and lengthy maintenance work.

These versatile machines are available with rigid drive shaft, ideal for mowing large flat grassy areas, and in a backpack configuration, particularly suitable for clearing undergrowth and ditches, and working on slopes.

The new Euro 2 engine, featuring high and linear torque output, ensures matchless cutting capability even when the task in hand is long and strenuous, like maintenance work in rural areas and cleaning up agricultural land. The aluminium cover and protective grille shield the engine from impact and foreign matter, ensuring high strength and maximum durability.

The Easy On system simplifies starting by ensuring that minimal effort is required, whilst the Always On button ensures that the starter switch will always revert automatically to the ignition position, even when the machine is off.

In addition, Efco DS 5500 BOSS and Oleo-Mac BC 550 MASTER models feature a sophisticated anti-vibration system that significantly reduces the pulsation and resonance felt by the operator, for unparalleled comfort throughout the working shift. The wear-resistant insert is easily replaced, simply undoing a few screws.

The quick release system (SRS), available on Efco DSF 5300 and Oleo-Mac BC 530 versions, guarantees maximum safety by allowing the operator to unharness the backpack quickly in an emergency, so as to prevent any kind of injury.