Emak is a Sustainability Leader 2023

Emak has underlined its commitment to building a sustainable future by being awarded the "Sustainability Leader 2023" certificate: the Group is among the 200 most sustainable large companies in Italy according to a list drawn up by Statista in conjunction with Il Sole 24 Ore.

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 14 June 2023 – The Emak Group, which is quoted on the Euronext STAR Milan segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, has been included in the list of 200 large companies that have distinguished themselves for their attention to sustainability in Italy. Sustainability Leader 2023” is the list of 240 companies (200 large and 40 small-medium) recognised as the most sustainable in Italy. It is drawn up by Statista, an independent institute specialising in ranking and analysing company data, in conjunction with newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. Researchers examined around 1,500 companies operating in Italy by analysing their sustainability reports and financial statements for 2021 based on 45 indicators in three dimensions of sustainability—environmental, social and economic.

We are very pleased to have received appreciation for our commitment to sustainability from an authoritative survey such as that carried out by Statista and Il Sole 24 Ore,” commented Luigi Bartoli, CEO of Emak. “This is an endorsement of our business philosophy: it is from our ability to manage the business in a sustainable way that we draw the resources necessary to continue developing new products, safeguard the health of our more than 2000 employees and honour commitments with all our partners, commercial and otherwise. A healthy company and group are important for the territory where they operate, and we are aware of this and at the same time proud.”


Sustainability has always been part of the Group's DNA: almost thirty years have passed since the parent company Emak S.p.A. obtained ISO 9001 quality certification, becoming the first company in the sector to do so, followed by ISO 14001 environmental certification. Sustainability issues are integrated into daily operations and are considered within the Group's strategies, in order to pursue increasingly sustainable and green development by combining economic responsibility with social and environmental accountability.

The Group promotes sustainability on several fronts: from investments in product research and innovation targeted at reducing environmental impacts, to interventions focusing on energy saving; from solutions aimed at protecting the health and guaranteeing the safety of employees, to initiatives implemented to promote wellbeing, inclusion and the professional growth of the company’s people; as well as the adoption of systems and certifications that certify the transparency of governance.

“This recognition confirms the growing commitment that the Group and our people are driving forward in all areas of sustainability, with the conviction that our strategy, which combines economic growth and socio-environmental wellbeing, can contribute daily to improving the conditions of the communities and territories where we operate,” said Bartoli.