Emak presents the new H series pruning chainsaws: balanced, comfortable and ergonomic

Emak hits the new year running with the launch of the new H series pruning chainsaws, a range designed to offer home users the best balance between performance and cost.

The Oleo-Mac GSTH 240 and Efco MTTH 2400 models are easy to handle, compact and robust, making them ideal for jobs around the garden such as pruning trees and limbing plants.

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 18 January 2023 – The new year has started with another great new product release from Emak: the H series, designed for home users who are looking for high performance at a very affordable price, has been expanded with the new Oleo-Mac GSTH 240 and Efco MTTH 2400 pruning chainsaws. Easy to handle, compact and robust, they are ideal machines for carrying out jobs around the garden, such as pruning fruit and olive trees and limbing plants. Thanks to the stable fuel-air mixing, all cutting operations can be carried out even in unconventional positions (machine inclined or turned upside down).

Numerous technical solutions enhance user comfort, such as the anti-vibration system utilising three rubber dampers, which significantly isolates the operator from engine vibration. The side chain tensioner allows swift and practical adjustment of chain tension in any operating condition, while the EasyOn starting system facilitates smooth starting with no kickback and reduced operator effort.

The aluminium oiler, adjustable down to zero flow when idling, also makes work easier by allowing variation of the oil feed to suit the workload on the machine.

To guarantee excellent working performance, the Euro 5 engine, equipped with forged steel crankshaft and connecting rod, ensures undiminished long-term efficiency even in the toughest conditions.

To eliminate the risk of flooding the carburettor, the On/Off switch with AlwaysOn system automatically returns to the "On" position after each stop.

Finally, the conveniently positioned primer facilitates cold starts, starts after refuelling, and starting after long periods of disuse.