Emak launches the new LRi 44 P and Gi 44 P battery-powered lawnmowers

Emak, one of the world’s leading groups in the fields of outdoor power equipment, pumps and water jetting, and related components and accessories, continues to invest in the battery-powered segment and has launched the new Efco LRi 44 P and Oleo-Mac Gi 44 P lawnmowers.

With the two new Efco and Oleo-Mac branded models, the need to empty the fuel tank to prepare for winter storage, replace the spark plug, clean the air filter, and the possible deterioration of stored fuel-oil mixture are nothing more than a distant memory for the user. 

The LRi 44 P and Gi 44 P lawnmowers are equipped with a double battery housing, making it possible to extend the running time with up to two 5 Ah batteries to tackle larger mowing surface areas, thus guaranteeing efficiency and performance akin to that of their medium-power petrol engine counterparts. The Efco and Oleo-Mac lawnmowers feature a steel deck, centralised controls for cutting height adjustment and a generously sized grass catcher.

Switching to battery-powered products removes the hassle of having to prepare fuel/oil mixture, ensure that it doesn't deteriorate, and deal with oil and fuel spills. Moreover, battery technology also delivers the all-important guarantee of respect for the environment, thanks to reduced noise levels and the complete elimination of exhaust fumes.

The Efco LRi 44 P and Oleo-Mac Gi 44 P lawnmowers are available on the respective websites www.myefco.com and www.myoleomac.com.