The historic Emak headquarters has been upgraded with the new Technical Hub, a cutting-edge facility designed to respond to change

The construction of the new new Emak Technical Hub had already been completed before the lockdown: its open-plan layout promotes co-working between company functions, which is crucial for the process of developing new products.

Emak, one of the world's foremost producers of innovative solutions for gardening, agriculture, forestry and industry, responds to the current health emergency with promptness and innovation, "inaugurating" its new Technical Hub near the company’s historic headquarters in Bagnolo in Piano. The main aim of the facility is to increase interaction between the various company functions, thus promoting the growth of professional and interpersonal relationships, the exchange of ideas and discussion between the different departments involved in the process of developing new products, in compliance with the new provisions on social distancing.

The design of the spaces, both internal and external, will facilitate the way that Emak’s people work. The interplay of light and colours creates welcoming and unconventional environments, where traditional workstations have been replaced by virtual machines, to ensure maximum flexibility and access to data regardless of physical location, underlining the company's trust in its employees.

The new facility occupies around 5000 m² over two floors. The ground floor houses the Service School for theoretical and practical training courses aimed at dealers and repair centres. It can be accessed from a bright room containing an exhibition of the machines on which Emak's history is built. Also on the ground floor are the test engineer offices, with 16 workstations, which provide direct access to the new experimental laboratory: equipped with 24 test rooms and twice the size of the previous facility, the laboratory includes a specific room for safety tests according to the Machinery Directive, two specific test rooms for the development of battery-powered products, a dust chamber, a cold chamber and a hot chamber.

Everything from the test benches to the software interfaces has been designed to guarantee maximum flexibility of spaces and adaptability to change, enabling the facility to respond to the continuous evolution of our business.

On the upper floor of the new building are offices for the technical department containing a total of 62 available workstations, 6 meeting rooms of varying capacity, and spaces to accommodate interns, trainees and external contract staff.

The new Technical Hub in Bagnolo in Piano demonstrates Emak’s commitment to innovation. The company has always embraced change and the new workplace provides a space for growth and self-fulfilment, as well as a co-working environment where discussion and the exchange of ideas will lay the foundations for the development of cutting-edge solutions.