Emak has updated its range of Efco and Oleo-Mac branded hedgetrimmers

Emak, one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of machinery, components and accessories for gardening, agriculture and forestry, has released new professional hedgetrimmers under its Efco and Oleo-Mac brands.

The new hedgetrimmers incorporate notable ergonomic improvements, with the primer and choke lever now more accessible, even when wearing gloves. In addition, the machines are equipped with a paper air filter for greater filtration capacity and engine protection, even in dusty conditions, as well as a muffler outlet directed forward to provide maximum possible protection for the operator. Even the weight has been significantly reduced (-7%) compared with the previous version, without sacrificing strength or power.

The six models TG 2460 P, TG 2470 P and TGS 2470 P, and HC 246 P, HC 247 P and HCS 247 P are equipped with features necessary to prune hedges and even effortlessly tackle very dense and thick-stemmed vegetation: steel blades with cutting edges on the head, an aluminum gearbox and high-quality components ensure a clean and precise cut and allow usage for prolonged periods, guaranteeing consistently optimum long-term performance. The anti-vibration system composed of 4 shock-absorbing springs ensures total insulation of the handles and greater comfort for the operator.

The new range of hedgetrimmers Efco TG 2460 P, TG 2470 P and TGS 2470 P, and Oleo-Mac HC 246 P, HC 247 P and HCS 247 P are available on the respective websites www.myefco.com and www.myoleomac.com.