Emak: eager anticipation for the arrival of the new Giugiaro-designed Efco and Oleo-Mac chain saws

Emak, a leading European name in the production and sale of power tools for gardening and forestry, presents the new Efco MTT 2500 and Oleo-Mac GST 250 pruning chain saws.

The two models both share the classic Made in Italy style developed by Giugiaro, the world's premier industrial design brand, creating a seamless match between the high quality and functional capabilities of the machines and the looks and ergonomics of an innovative design.

These are practical and easy-to-use tools thanks to the incorporation of facilitated starting devices, including Easy on, which compensates for the compression effect of the professional engine for effortless start-ups, and the Air Purge system for smoother cold starts and starts after refuelling. High cutting torque and speed mean clean cuts in all conditions, while the aluminium oil pump ensures optimal lubrication of chain and bar, even in the most demanding situations.

Additional features have been incorporated to reduce working times: the on-board clutch allows fast installation of the cutting gear and means the clutch is kept cleaner to obtain constant performance over time. The folding steel snap hook allows rapid attachment of the tool to the operator, while the generously sized nylon air filter optimises air intake to the engine and reduces service times. The translucent walls of the oil reservoir and fuel tank allow easier and constant visibility of the levels, thereby reducing the need for unplanned stoppages for refills.

Efco MTT 2500 technical sheet

Oleo-Mac GST 250 technical sheet