Emak and Merlo start partnership to train and safeguard groundcare professionals

The two companies, leading Italian businesses established on the international market, have begun a partnership to deliver training courses to groundcare professionals with a focus on safety and prevention in the correct and efficient use of gardening machines. 

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 29 November 2018 - Emak is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Merlo Group, a world leader in the design and integrated production of high-tech construction, agriculture, industry and waste collection machinery.

Emak and Merlo are two dynamic Italian manufacturers with cutting-edge technology and deep roots in their local territory. Thanks to continuous research and development of new products, the two companies are renowned on the international market for their ability to anticipate and meet customer needs.

In addition to their constant commitment to innovation, Emak and Merlo have always paid attention to the safety of operators, which underpins the new partnership aimed at delivering training courses to groundcare professionals, with a focus on safety and prevention in the correct and efficient use of gardening machines and equipment. 

“We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Training and Research Centre (CFRM) of the Merlo Group for the delivery of training courses. In terms of training on industrial, agricultural and construction machinery, CFRM is the most innovative facility in Italy and among the most respected in Europe,” explained Luca Vandelli, Customer Service Manager for Emak.

At Emak we have always recognised the strategic value of training: it is the principal tool for promoting and enhancing the professional development of workers, while at the same time protecting their safety. And occupational safety in the use of gardening and forestry machinery and equipment must go hand in hand with adequate training and targeted development.”

CFRM training programmes offer participants the cognitive tools, methods and techniques for being safety-conscious when using work machines and equipment, which are often simple to use but potentially dangerous in the hands of inexperienced or inadequately trained operators,” said Paolo Peretti, director of the Merlo Training and Research Centre.

The first training course focuses on chainsaws and is already under way. The technical partnership with Emak brands Efco and Oleo-Mac involves the provision of professional support in the form of expert instructors and state-of-the-art training premises. The course is aimed at existing chainsaw users, as well as those with no experience but who want to become familiar with chainsaws and learn how to use them safely.

At the end of the courses, trainees are issued with training certificates compliant with applicable regulations.