Easy to handle, versatile and high-performance: the new backpack mistblowers from Emak

Bagnolo in Piano (RE), 16 November – Emak presents the new Oleo-Mac AM 163 and Efco AT 2063 backpack mistblowers: ideal for treating and disinfesting crops, small plantations and nursery stock, they can spray liquids, such as fungicides and pesticides, or powders. Easy to handle and versatile, these machines are designed to be extremely ergonomic and efficient, combining first-rate performance with operator comfort. To enhance user comfort, Emak has devised a number of solutions such as the telescoping blower tube with adjustable control handle, to allow longitudinal movement and rotation of the blower tube and handgrip. Tilting it forward helps to ensure the optimal wrist position when spraying with the tube positioned vertically. Even the ergonomic harness and the carrying frame mounted on an anti-vibration system make the mistblower more comfortable to use, as do the instantly accessible handle-mounted controls.

The fuel tanks on the Oleo-Mac AM 163 and Efco AT 2063 models are especially capacious and the petrol engine provides reliability and long-term durability. The opening angle of the jet can be adjusted quickly and without stopping work, allowing the machine to be adapted on the go to suit the treatment type and vegetation characteristics.

The booster pump keeps the liquid solution mixed in the tank while also increasing and stabilising the flow rate of product. In addition, the ULV kit provides optimal atomisation of the sprayed liquid to ensure targeted treatment, eliminating overspray and wastage of product.

The filter is extremely simple to access without the need for tools, enabling easy maintenance.

The dusting kit (available as an option) is ideal for use of microgranular chemical powder treatments. It is easy to install and affords numerous options for adjusting the quantity delivered. Rather than entering into contact with the fan, the powder/granules are conveyed directly into the blower tube.